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Apple thinning workshop in NNY; photo: Kevin Iungerman/CCE

Apple thinning workshop in NNY with Cornell Horticulture Professor Terence Robinson (right)                                   


NNYADP Invites North Country Farmers to 2015 Annual Meetings

NNYADP Project Results: Survey project discovers Northern Stem Canker

NNYADP Project Results: Economical Substitutes in NNY for Corn in Dairy Cow Diets - Watch for this in Hoard’s Dairyman in 2015

New Test for Brown Root Rot has NNYADP Roots

Livestock Parasite Control Project Results Available 

♦  NNYADP is Farmer-Driven 
♦  A Small Grants Program
♦  Funding critical on-farm research  
♦  Meeting farmer-identified needs
♦  Capitalizing on opportunities for NNY agriculture

2014 Projects List

The Northern New York Agricultural Development Program provides practical real-world results & economic viability for farms in Clinton, Essex, Franklin, Jefferson, Lewis and St. Lawrence counties.  

NNYADP Projects: 20142013, 2012

NNY Agriculture’s Economic Profile:  4,200-plus farms with a payroll of $52.9 million and nearly $600 million in farm product value: dairy, crops, livestock, local foods/CSAs, maple, fruits, flowers, vegetables, bioenergy crops. . .

NNYADP Economic Impact Statements: 20142013, 2012

NNYADP Funders: Thank You!
New York State Senate with support from New York State Assembly
Additional project funds, expertise, equipment, and other support from::

High Tunnel GrowersNNYADP Success Stories: 20142013, 2012

NNYADP Annual Research Reports: Annual research reports contain all projects by year.

Northern New York Agricultural Events 

Learn more about NNY agriculture on the  NNY Cornell Cooperative Extension associations’ website

Photo credits: top of page: Uihlein Maple Research Forest sugarhouse, Michael Farrell; above: Mike Davis, Willsboro Research Farm