Leek Moth

This pest of plants in the allium family – onions, leeks, garlic, chives and shallots – was first discovered in North America in 1993 in Ontario, Canada. It was first identified in Northern New York in 2009 in Clinton County. A year later it was confirmed in St. Lawrence County crops. Jefferson County growers also believe it exists in their county. The Northern New York Agricultural Development Program is funding research to help identify the range of leek moth in the region and to help farmers develop coping strategies.

Cornell Leek Moth Information Center

Leek Moth Pest Announcement, Dr. Tony Shelton, Cornell University

Leek Moth Fact Sheet, 2011: Photos, description, host plants, where to look for damage, control, look-alike pests

Looking for Leek Moth in NNY, NNYADP Project, August 2013