Maple Research

The Latest NNYADP Maple Research Results:
Increasing Sap Yields and Profitability in Maple Sugaring Operations Through Optimum Dropline/Spout Management , NNYADP, March 2014
. Figure 1: 2013 Sap Production at CCE St. Lawrence (key in main report)
. Figure 2: 2013 Sap Production at Uihlein Maple Forest
. Figure 3: 2011 Sap Production at Parker Maple
. Figure 4: 2012 Sap Production at Parker Maple.
. Figure 5: 2013 Sap Production at Parker Maple
. Table 1: 2011-2013 Systems at Parker Maple.
. Table 2: Sap Production and Economic Analyses for 7 NNY Sugarbushes 2011-2013

Maple Business Resources
Cost-Benefit Analysis for Leasing Taps vs. Managing for Sawtimber Production, 2010
The Economics of Buying Sap, Farrell, 2010
Maple Business Revenue-Expense Summary Worksheet
Pricing Maple Sap Buying and Selling Spreadsheet

Maple NPV – Net Present Value – Calculator
Maple NPV Calculator – see 5th paragraph for link to register to use calculator
Maple NPV Users Guide
Maple NPV Analysis of Leasing Taps vs. Saw Timber Production, 2010
Maple NPV Formula Descriptions

Maple Production
Adapting to Climate Change in NNY Maple Production (NNYADP, 2008)
Improving the Growth of Sugar Maples in NNY (NNYADP, 2007)
Improving the Growth of Sugar Maples in NNY (NNYADP, 2006)

NNY Maple Industry Potential for Growth
Survey of Northern Forest Landowners Re: Potential to Expand Maple Syrup Production, 2011
Growth Potential in the Northern NY Maple Industry
The Future of the Maple Sugar Industry in the United States: Assessing the Growth Potential Based on Ecological, Demographic and Public Policy Factors (Farrell)
Survey of NYS Landowners, 2009
Survey of NYS Maple Producers, 2009

Producer-Landowner Collaboration
Increasing NNY Maple Production through Effective Producer/Landowner Collaborations, NNYADP, 2009

Recycling Maple Tubing, 2013


Additional Maple Resources:
Cornell Cooperative Extension Associations of NNY
Cornell Maple Program