More than 400 farms in Northern New York produced 105,613 gallons of maple syrup with a value of $3.2 million, according to the 2002 Census of Agriculture. Northern New York Agricultural Development Program projects evaluate ways to improve the NNY maple industry through forest stand management and value-added product development. For example, the production value-added maple confections can increase producer income up to four-fold.

Click on the links below to learn more about NNYADP maple projects, the Cornell Uihlein Maple Research Forest near Lake Placid, and other resources related to maple production.

Net Present Value (NPV) Analysis Tool: Use this tool developed by NNY Maple Specialist Michael Farrell to evaluate utilizing a single maple tree for immediate or long-term timber production vs. lease that tree for maple syrup production.

Project Fact Sheets
  - 2006 NNYADP Maple Project

  Cooking with Maple
  - Cornell Maple Bulletin 205: Replacing Table Sugar with Maple Sugar

  - Cornell Maple Bulletin 203: Sap Steady UV Unit for Maple Sap

  Forest Pests
  - Controlling Forest Tent Caterpillars in Limited-Acreage Maple-  
  Producing Woodlots

  Health Aspects
  - Cornell Maple Bulletin 300: Health Advantages of Grade B Syrup
  - Cornell Maple Bulletin 301: Is Maple Sugar Better for People with

  Maple Confections
  - Cornell Maple Bulletin 201: Making Maple Cream
  - Cornell Maple Bulletin 202: Chemistry of Maple Syrup
  - Cornell Maple Bulletin 204 : Exercise Caution When Making Maple
  - Cornell Maple Bulletin 207: Granulated Maple Sugar
  - Cornell Maple Bulletin 206: Measuring and Adjusting Invert Sugar in
  Maple Sugar
  - Cornell Maple Bulletin 208: Molded Sugar Candy

  Product Branding
  - Cornell Maple Bulletin 105: Brand Awareness
  - Cornell Maple Bulletin 103: Creating a Logo
  - Cornell Maple Bulletin 100: Developing Your Brand
  - Cornell Maple Bulletin 106: Making Your Brand Known

- Growth Potential in the Northern NY Maple Industry
- The Future of the Maple Sugar Industry in the United States: Assessing the Growth Potential Based on Ecologic, Economic, Demographic, and Public Policy Factors
- Northern New York’s Lewis County is working to become the site of a bottling facility that would accept maple syrup from regional producers and from producers across New York State. Click here to read more about this exciting new maple-flavored economic development opportunity.

Press Releases
Maple Weekend 2008 March 29-30; Will It Be in Late January in 2080?
NNY Maple Producers Testing Early Tapping Opportunity

- Improving Meals, Milk and Maple: Fact Sheet Available on Five NNY Agricultural Research Stations
- Research Project Looks at Improving Northern New York Maple Industry
- To Improve Northern New York’s Sugar Maple Forest: Just Add Sunlight?

Research Reports
Adapting to climate change in Northern NY Maple Production (2008)
- Adapting to climate change in Northern NY Maple Production (2007)
Cornell Maple Publications
- Improving Growth of Sugar Maples in Northern NY (2007)
- Improving Growth of Sugar Maples in Northern NY (2006)
- Increasing NNY Maple Production through Effective Producer/Landowner Collaboration (2008-09)

Additional Resources
Click Here for links to the following resource websites:
- Cornell Maple Program
- NY Forest Owners Association
- New York State Maple Producers Association
- Partial Reduction in Real Property Taxes for Eligible Farmland in New York State
- Uihlein Maple Research Forest