September 15, 2010
Use before October 12, 2010
Contact: Ron Kuck, 315-788-8450; Frans Vokey, 315-376-5270; Brent Buchanan, 315-379-9192

Register by October 12 for Northern NY Dairy Institute Feeding Management Course

Feed is the greatest single expense on a dairy farm. Making relatively simple changes in how feed ingredients are handled, mixed and delivered to the herd can reduce costs and optimize animal health and milk production. Those interested in learning how to be more successful with dairy feeding management can register with Cornell Cooperative Extension (CCE) for the next Northern NY Dairy Institute course before October 12, 2010.

The course will combine classroom and on-farm training focused on the important role of dairy herd feeders in minimizing daily variations in the feed delivered to the cows. Cornell Cooperative Extension of Lewis County Dairy Science and Farm Business
Management Educator Frans Vokey says, “Better consistency of the feed mix results in healthier rumen activity in the cows and that improves milk production.”

Cornell Cooperative Extension of Jefferson County Dairy and Livestock Educator Ron Kuck says, “This course will benefit anyone who is feeding cows. The feeder manages a dairy’s most expensive enterprise and, through feeding practices, influences the success of the dairy operation.”

Cornell Cooperative Extension of St. Lawrence County Agriculture Team Leader Brent Buchanan says, “The Northern NY Dairy Institute is an easily accessible way for dairy owners and their employees to enhance the skills that directly impact the farm business. This dairy feeding management course offers the opportunity to address the most critical cost center on the farm.”

Northern NY Dairy Institute Dairy Feeding Management participants will learn best practices for feed storage and feed-out management, ration mixing and delivery, how to monitor changes in nutrients and dry-matter composition, and how to recognize changes in cow behavior that indicate success or problems for attention.

Area farmers will host some of the classes and share their feeding management tips.

The cost for course instruction and materials is $75, due two weeks before course begins. The Northern NY Dairy Institute is funded by the NY Center for Dairy Excellence and Cornell PRO-DAIRY Program. Course start dates and CCE contacts are:
• October 25 in Clinton County: Ashley Allen, 518-962-4810 ext 0
• October 26 in Franklin County: Ashley Allen, 518-962-4810 ext 0
• October 27 in Lewis County: Frans Vokey, 315-376-5270, fjv2@cornell.edu
• October 28 in Jefferson County: Ron Kuck, 315-788-8450, rak76@cornell.edu
• October 28 in St. Lawrence County: Brent Buchanan, 315-379-9192, bab22@cornell.edu.