January 23, 2009

Use by Feb. 3, 2009

Contacts: Cornell Cooperative Extension:
• Lewis County: Joe Lawrence, 315-376-5270
• Jefferson County: Mike Hunter: 315-788-8450
• St. Lawrence County: Stephen Canner: 315-379-9192
• Essex County: Anita Deming: 518-962-4810
• Franklin County: Carl Tillinghast: 518-483-7403
• Clinton County: Amy Ivy: 518-561-7450

February 9-13 NNY Road Show Focuses on Cutting Costs of Field Crops Production

Reducing costs is the theme of the February 9-13 Northern New York Field Crops Road Show. A series of 10:30 am-2:30 pm programs by Cornell Cooperative Extension educators will help North Country farmers understand the real costs of crop production and will offer strategies to help reduce farm costs for 2009.

Cornell Cooperative Extension (CCE) educators spend countless hours studying the latest research data, digging in farm fields to evaluate soil quality, and closely scrutinizing leaves, roots and harvested crops produced on North Country farms. Joseph R. Lawrence (CCE Lewis County), Michael E. Hunter (CCE Jefferson County), Stephen Canner (CCE St. Lawrence County), and Cornell E. V. Baker Agricultural Research Farm Manager Michael L. Davis will speak on the following topics for the Northern New York Field Crops Road Show:
• Understanding the real cost of crop production
• Paying attention to detail: Properly calibrating, maintaining field equipment, etc.
• Optimizing field fertility management on a budget – where to cut, where to spend
• How using crop rotation can save money – maintaining soil organic matter and strong corn yields
• Reducing tillage can cost you if… Considerations for reducing tillage without sacrificing crop yield or quality
• NNY on-farm research trial highlights – advances in soil health and nutrient balancing.

“This road show series will provide farmers throughout Northern New York with a mix of time-tested practices and new data produced by field research conducted under the agricultural conditions specific to the region,” says road show co-organizer Joseph R. Lawrence, field crops educator with Cornell Cooperative Extension of Lewis County.

Hay and corn grower Harry Fefee of Brushton in Franklin County says NNY-specific research data translates to dollars. Fefee says, “Research data that has been produced on local farms is critical for farmers in Northern New York to make the best possible decisions on which crops to plant and which production practices have the best potential to save money while producing a high quality, high yield harvest with our regional climate and soils.”

Anyone interested in attending a program of the Northern New York Field Crops Road Show may register with Cornell Cooperative Extension (CCE):
• Monday, February 9 – Extension office, Watertown, 315-788-8450
• Tuesday, February 10 – Extension office Lowville, 315-376-5270
• Wednesday, February 11 – CCE Learning Farm, Canton, 315-379-9192, with videolink to Westport, 518-962-4810
• Thursday, February 12 – 911 Building, Malone, 518-483-7403 and
• Friday, February 13 – Extension office, Plattsburgh, 518-561-7450. # # #