June 19, 2009

Contact: NNYADP Co-Chairs Joe Giroux, 518-565-4730 (Mon-Fri weekdays);
Jon Greenwood, 315-386-3231; NNYADP committee list: www.nnyagdev.org
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Northern New York Agricultural Development Program Announces New Projects

The New York Agricultural Development Program has announced 19 new projects that focus on improving the efficiency and profitability of North Country-specific agricultural production.

Funding through the 2008-2009 New York State Budget and the support of NYS Senator Elizabeth O’C. Little, who represents the 45th Senate District, is supporting on-farm research at the Cornell E. V. Baker Research Farm at Willsboro, the W.H. Miner Agricultural Research Institute at Chazy, the Cornell Uihlein Maple Research Station in Lake Placid and on operating farms in Clinton, Essex and Franklin counties.

Additional funding from the New York Farm Viability Institute and Cornell University Agricultural Experiment Station supports projects that are being conducted across the entire six-county North Country region this year.

Cornell University, Cornell Cooperative Extension and other agricultural professionals are conducting the project work focused on the production of corn, alfalfa, small grains, soybeans, beef, maple products, cold hardy wine grapes and wine.

Projects are also evaluating the production of perennial grasses as bioenergy feedstock and how to increase grass biomass yield and quality for combustion uses.

Other projects will advance North Country apple orchard management, season extension for growing horticultural crops in northern New York, and the treatment and prevention of Klebsiella mastitis in dairy cows in NNY herds.

The Northern New York Agricultural Development Program’s farmer committee – representing the diverse sectors of North Country farming - has selected the 2009 projects to help the region’s agricultural industry improve efficiencies and increase farm profitability.

Program Co-Chair Joe Giroux of Plattsburgh, NY, says, “This state funding supports the on-farm research that is so vital to assuring the economic value of agriculture to the regional economy, providing health benefits through local fresh food production, and underpinning good agricultural stewardship.”

Sam Sherman owns Champlain Valley Milling in Westport, NY. He says, “The value of the projects made possible by the Northern New York Agricultural Development Program in cooperation with state leaders extends well beyond the farms to businesses such as mine that depend on local sources of raw product for value-added production which provides jobs and, in turn, generates dollars to feed the local economy.”

Dairyman Randy Ooms of Constable, NY, says, “The on-farm research provides us with data directly from our soils and growing conditions and gives us a head start in dealing with challenges created by crop pests and localized causes of mastitis in dairy cows plus helps us take advantage of local food trends and new crop and marketing opportunities.”

Sheep and goat farmer Harold Boomhower of Watertown, NY, says, “The comprehensive scope of the research made possible by the Northern New York Agricultural Development Program, state funding, Cornell University, and local farmer-participators helps all of the diverse sectors of farming in the North Country and that is good for farms, communities and our local economies.”

For more information on the Northern New York Agricultural Development Program, a complete list of the new projects and the results of completed NNYADP research projects, visit the website at www.nnyagdev.org. # # #

Summary of NNYADP Projects announced June 19, 2009

Projects at Cornell E.V. Baker Agricultural Research Farm, Willsboro, NY
• Increasing NNY Maple Production through Producer Landowner Collaboration
(Michael Farrell, Natural Resources, Cornell University)

• Cold Hardy Wine Grapes: Production and Wines
(Kevin Iungerman, CCE Northeast NY Commercial Fruit Program)

• Precise Nitrogen Management for Corn Production
(Jeff Melkonian/Harold van Es, Crop and Soil Sciences, Cornell University)

• Variety Trials for Small Grains and Food-Grade Soybeans
(Mike Davis, Cornell University Ag. Experiment Station at Willsboro)

• Optimizing Grass Biomass Yield and Quality for Combustion
Jerry Cherney, Crop and Soil Sciences, Cornell University

Projects at W.H. Miner Agricultural Research Institute,
Chazy, NY

• Effect of Maturity and Ensiling Time on Corn Silage Quality
(Catherine Ballard/Kurt Cotanch, Miner Institute, Chazy, NY)

• Using Ultrasound to Improve Beef Carcass Quality and Consistency
(Jessica Prosper, CCE Franklin County)

• Management of Brown Root Rot in Alfalfa in NNNY
(Gary Bergstrom/Michael Wunsch, Plant Pathology, Cornell University)

• *Can Sulfur Addition Increase Alfalfa Yields and Quality? Year 2
(Quirine Ketterings, Animal Science, Cornell University)

• *Corn Silage Hybrid Trials in Northern NY
(Bill Cox, Crop and Soil Sciences, Cornell University)

• *Corn Hybrids for Grain and Ethanol Production in NNY
(Margaret Smith, Plant Breeding, Cornell University)

• Apple Orchard Management and Rootstock Development for NNY
(Terence Robinson, NYS Ag Experiment Station, Cornell University)

Projects Funded by New York Farm Viability Institute
• Biological Control of Alfalfa Snout Beetle Using Natural Nematodes
(Elson Shields, Entomology, Cornell University)

• Improving N Management for Corn: Protected N Source, ISNT, and Stalk Nitrate Test Implementation in NNY: A Package that Can Save Farmers $$$$$
(Quirine Ketterings, Crop and Soil Sciences, Cornell University)

• Economic & Environmentally Sound Manure Mgt in Reduced Till Systems-Aerway
(Quirine Ketterings, Crop and Soil Sciences, Cornell University)

• Breeding Alfalfa Varieties with Resistance to Alfalfa Snout Beetles
(Don Viands, Plant Breeding, Cornell University)

• Production and Evaluation of Perennial Grasses For Use As Bioenergy Feedstock in Northern NY
(Don Viands/Hilary Mayton, Plant Breeding, Cornell University)

• Klebsiella Mastitis in NNY: Cow Adapted vs. Environmental Strains
(Ynte Schukken/Gary Bennett, Quality Milk Production Services, Cornell University)

• Extending the Growing Season for Horticultural Production in NNY
(Chris Wien/Amy Ivy, Horticultural Science, Cornell University) # # #