Northern New York Agricultural Development Program Press Releases

December 28, 2007
Regional Foods Project Leaders Urge Farmers: Be Counted in 2007 Census of Agriculture

December 27, 2007
Regional Foods Project Shows Potential to Grow Economic Impact for NNY

December 22, 2007
Which Corn Silage Hybrids Should You Plant in 2008?
Evaluation from Northern NY Variety Trials Now Online at www.nnyagdev.org

December 14, 2007
Most Recent Forage & Grass Variety Yield Data Now Online for NNY Farmers

December 12, 2007
10 Critical Decisions for Your Farm
Managing for Success Series Starts at 4 Sites in Early January

October 29, 2007
Aspiring North Country Farmers Offered Diverse Learning Opportunities
November 6-27

October 22, 2007
Four New Crop Management Resources Online for NNY farmers

October 15, 2007
Soil Reports for 6 NNY Counties the First for 2002-2006

September 26, 2007
North Country Regional Foods Initiative Begins:
Will measure & enhance economic impact of local products

September 17, 2007
October 5-6 Tour to Highlight Beef Production in NNY

August 10, 2007
Cornell Researcher Familiar to Northern NY Farmers Earns Award for Forage Production, Grass Bioenergy Work

August 1, 2007
First-Ever New York Summer Crop Tour to Focus on Biofuel Production; North Harbor Dairy in Sackets Harbor Hosts Premiere Event

July 30, 2007
Survey Results Measure Copper on Northeast Dairy Farms;
NNY Research Trials Evaluate Effects on Grass and Corn Crops

June 18, 2007
Too Much Manure? Spreading on Alfalfa Do’s and Don’ts Now Online

June 11, 2007
North Country Farmers Switching to Grass as Energy, Livestock Feed Crop

May 30, 2007
Evaluating Grasses as Bioenergy Crops: New Plantings at Belleville-Henderson School Among Those In & Planned for NNY

May 21, 2007
Cornell Researchers and Farmer Report More Progress Against Pest Peculiar to Northern New York

May 14, 2007
Cutting Height Impacts Alfalfa Harvest: New Resource Online for NNY Farmers

May 9, 2007
NNY Farmer Happy to Save Money Not Over-Fertilizing Corn

May 3, 2007
Research Shows Wide Swath Haymaking Can Produce Faster,
Higher Quality, Less Costly Forage

April 27, 2007
NYS Budget Provides $400,000 for NNY Agricultural Development

April 25, 2007
Farm Balancing Act: NNY Project Blends Crop Production, Profitability and Environmental Protection

March 21, 2007
To Improve Northern New York’s Sugar Maple Forest: Just Add Sunlight?

March 16, 2007
NNY Copper & Crops Research Results Cause Concern with Grass, not Corn

March 2, 2007
NNYADP Research Evaluating Six Ways to Help Corn Growers
Save Money, Reduce Nutrient Loss; Learn More March 14-15

February 21, 2007
Growing Teff: Will an Ethiopian Crop Grow in NNY?
Learn the Answer at March 14-15 Crop Congresses

February 17, 2007
Identifying Sources of Mastitis in Dairy Herds is Goal of Northern New York Agricultural Development Program Project

February 14, 2007
Growing Corn After Sod: Saving Money, Reducing Nutrient Loss Topic at March 14-15 Crop Congresses

February 7, 2007
Beat the Weeds: Learn Latest Control Strategies at March 14-15 NNY Crop Congresses

February 5, 2007
February 28 Corn Congress Covers Cost Savings, N on Corn, Manure on Alfalfa, Alfalfa Snout Beetle and Ethanol

January 25, 2007
NNY Corn Hybrid Evaluation Data from 2006 Farm Trials Now Available

December 8, 2006
NNY Variety Trial Data Helps Early Seed Selectors Shop for 2007 Corn Crop

November 28, 2006
Northern New York Agricultural Development Program Announces Farm Research Projects for 2007

November 15, 2006
Bring on the Cold! New Weather Stations Helping North Country Growers Track Winter Hardiness of Grapes

November 7, 2006
Livestock Marketing Toolkit Debuts at December 9 & January 27 Meetings

October 9, 2006
NNY Farm Study to Identify Factors for Producing Higher Milk Premiums

September 1, 2006

Quality vs. Quantity: Can Dairy Farmers Have Both?

August 22, 2006
Soil Health Workshop September 13 at Baker Research Farm

August 6, 2006
A New Way to Make Hay in Northern New York?

July 26, 2006
NNY Agricultural Development Grant Applications Due September 1

July 26, 2006
Cold Hardy Wine Grapes, Apples for NNY Topics of August 8 Field Day

July 12, 2006 (Use before July 25, 2006)
Organic Sunflowers, Flax and Beans: New Crops for NNY?
Find Out at July 25 Field Day at Willsboro

June 26, 2006
Copper, Cows & Crops: NNY Research Evaluates How Dairy Footbaths Affect Farm Crops, Field Lifetime

June 7, 2006
Measuring Soil Health on NNY Farms

May 4, 2006
“World’s Largest Trial” Evaluating Perennial Grasses as Dairy Crop in NNY

March 24, 2006
Battle to Beat Alfalfa Pest Shows Progress, Testing of Control Methods Continues in 2006

February 21, 2006
NNY Research Testing Cold Weather Hardiness of Locally-Grown Grapes

February 15, 2006
Clinton County Farms Featured Online for Successful Dairy Strategies

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